The World’s Most Famous Courtesan Weighs In On An Infamous Story

One of our favorite real-life sex goddesses, the legendary Air Force Amy, is quoted in a New Yorker article as well as the new Amazon documentary “Lorena,” giving her sexpert opinion about the infamous John Wayne Bobbitt case.

“What I said at the time, is that, despite all the sexual indignities and horrors that happen to women across the world, one penis being cut off, while certainly tragic, certainly brought the country to a standstill… But it sure is nice seeing my name in such a prestigious magazine as The New Yorker and in this new Amazon movie.”

Amy appears in the last installment of the 4-part “Lorena” and is quoted across Rebecca Mead’s New Yorker article “The Lorena Bobbitt Story Offers New Lessons on Male Vulnerability.” This is not the first time the star of H.B.O.’s highly-acclaimed reality series “Cathouse,” has been sought after for her candid opinion on a hot-button cultural topic or sexual question. In addition to her “field experience” giving people a glimpse of Heaven on earth, Amy’s a Certified Love and Intimacy Coach with an Associate’s Degree in Sex Education, a Certificate in Clinical Sexology and a Doctorate in Education. She’s also part of the faculty at The Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.

Amy is busy working on a whole bunch of new projects. Just last month the buxom blonde released her first self-authored book, Air Force Amy’s 69 Favorite Sex Quotes of All Time. She also strives to keep the legacy of Dennis Hof alive in his legendary Nevada brothels where she continues to embody the gold standard of legal prostitution.

Air Force Amy is a model, actress, cover girl, centerfold, author, public speaker, curator, teacher, hypnotherapist and the world’s most famous courtesan. She can be reached at, and